Truly Wearable Art

discover your passion for self expression

Wrap around poetry skirt with taffeta sash.

Wrap around poetry skirt with chiffon sash.

Pieced duster, shibori devore and crepe.

The Shibori technique is based on manipulating fabric. The fabric resists the dye and creates a pattern.  I always place at least three colors, or shades of one color of dye on the cloth.  This creates movement and depth.  The art created is complicated, simply.  

My truly wearable art, made from natural fabrics, includes shawls, capes, bolero jackets, vests, riding coats, dusters, caftans and dresses.  Each design has several pieces which have been torn and serged before sewing them together, or felted on the FeltLOOM. With my wearable art my intention is to create opportunities for you to interact with the art, to become the art and enhance your self-expression by transforming your experience into a dynamic "performative” artwork.